Emotional Release in Yoga Class

by Melissa West on June 3, 2013

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Thank you for your great classes…

Emotional-Release-in-Yoga-ClassI have a question. At the beginning of the class, when we’re laying back and breathing out through mouth (saying aahhhh…) I always start to crying.
Is that ok?

Your body has been present with you through your entire life and has expressed, filtered and processed all your life experiences. Our bodies hold memories and emotions, just like our brains, and therefore your body often stores blocked or unresolved emotions. It sounds to me like this breath practice is allowing you to release some crying that for whatever reason you held inside in the past. It is nothing to fear and completely natural. Eventually all the crying that was held back will be released and you will be able to breathe out just your breath. 🙂

One thing that might be valuable would be to explore this with a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner where you go through assisted yoga postures and non-prescriptive talk therapy to help you better understand the relationship between your body and the emotions that are coming up when you practice yoga.

For a list of practitioners by you, click here:

While I no longer offer private Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions, I do offer 40 Day Sadhanas where we go through a thorough intake form and I can put together a personalized practice for you based on your particular needs.




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