Fall Photos Tips and Ideas | Inspiration for Fall Instagram Photoshoot | Vlog Takeover

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Fall Photos Tips and Ideas

I needed some time off this week, to retreat, turn inwards and recharge my batteries. Tim to the rescue and a vlog takeover!

Tim began his Sunday with a fall-themed photoshoot to add to Tanya’s portfolio. I personally think Tanya is brilliant for choosing a fall-themed photoshoot since she can wear seasonally appropriate clothing and not freeze to death 😉 Huge thanks to Matt for filming behind the scenes and for holding up that scrim, that job is not as easy as it looks.

Take a look at what Tanya is wearing and some of the poses she does in the leaves for some great ideas for your instagram. I think Tim has given you some great instagram inspiration for fall and fall photo ideas and tips that you are going to love. You can recreate these ideas yourself for your own instagram account. Make sure you tag tim @timothywestcom so he can see your photos.

Next up for Tim on a Sunday was his soccer game. You can never have too much soccer in a day in my experience with Tim.

Of course a day would not be complete without going to Tim’s favourite bakery in Victoria BC, Patisseries Daniel. All I can say is they must have been out of chocolate croissants if he chose the blueberry danish.

Lots of thumbs up in this vlog. My Membership Minute helps our members get the most value out of their membership each week. This week I was letting them know about 2 new live classes we are adding to our membership community: a monthly 90 minute YinDulgence Yin Yoga Workshop on the last Sunday of every month at 9:30 am PT and 4:00 pm PT. This takes our total number of live classes in our membership community to 10/month now. Incredible value.

Isn’t Tanya gorgeous? What happened to the pumpkins?

Thanks for watching, please give Tim a thumbs up for doing my vlog for me this week. See you next week. Let me know in the comments how many times Tim gives a thumbs up in this video.

Namaste, Melissa

Follow Tanya’s modelling journey on Instagram @tanyagarneau

Tim’s Instagram account is @timothywestcom


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