Five top reasons why strength is important

by Melissa West on July 16, 2013

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Why is strength important?

Why-is-strength-importantAs yogis we tend to focus a lot on flexibility.

Why is strength important?

It is one of the components of good physical health along with balance, endurance, and cardio vascular health. Strength is important because muscle mass diminishes as you age. Just like flexibility, endurance, cardiovascular health and balance, you must stimulate your muscles or else you will lose muscle mass. Strength training puts stress on your bones and helps to increase bone density. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. The stronger you are, the more energy you will have. Strength training can be a great way to help manage chronic conditions from back pain, arthritis, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. It has even been an important part of the puzzle for me in managing my migraines.

This week we added a new series to the membership site, Yoga for Strength. This seven day series is designed to help you build strength in your body each day of the week. Monday you will focus on your core, Tuesday back, Wednesday chest, Thursday biceps, Friday triceps, Saturday shoulders and Sunday glutes. Each day we will create a fusion of yoga inspired poses and the best of strengthening exercises. In each and every class you will be strengthening your lower body while working your upper body.

We also have a free yoga for strength class on Namaste Yoga 170 Beginner Yoga for Strength.

This class was so popular that it actually inspired the longer series.

There are many Namaste Yoga classes and membership site classes that focus on strength.

Just this morning I did Yoga for Posture on the membership site which is a great core strengthening video. What are your favourites?

Leave your favourite strength building class in the comments below.


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