Foot Cramping in Yoga Poses Relief

by Melissa West on June 25, 2013

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Today’s question comes to us from Shell from Facebook and she wants to know the possible causes and solutions for foot cramping during yoga poses.

Foot-Cramp-during-yogaProps Needed: Tennis Ball

So of course I am a Ph.D. not a medical doctor so it is not possible for me to diagnose the possible causes for foot cramping during yoga poses. The first thing I would recommend would be to check with your medical doctor to make sure that there isn’t anything specific going on with you or any medications that you are on causing foot cramping during your yoga practice.

One thing that I noticed from my experience when I used to teach my in person students was that when they had cramps I would ask them how much water they had consumed that day. Very often they were dehydrated. Make sure you are drinking enough water. The rule of thumb is drink half your body weight ( in pound) in ounces every day. Another thing is to make sure you are getting enough potassium. Bananas are not the only source of potassium available pre-yoga! You can also check out sweet potatoes, beet greens, orange juice, white beans, and dates.

Check in with the shoes you are wearing. Are they causing discomfort in your feet? Footwear is a super personal thing, but I switched to birkis a few years back and my feet have never been happier (I was having foot cramps too!) Find what works best for you on your feet and stick with it.

Today I will show you an exercise to help relax your plantar fascia – the fascial connections along the bottom of your feet. (Rolling your foot with a tennis ball) It may help to reduce the cramping you experience during yoga.

I am actually going to be doing some hand and foot training with Sue Hitzmann, Creator of MELT Method® in a couple of weeks in Toronto, so I will be offering my members some great new methods of releasing fascia in the coming weeks on the membership site.

I would also definitely check out my full length yoga videos for feet to help build stronger feet.

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And here are some of my free classes that have some foot specific yoga sequences in them:

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