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by Melissa West on October 22, 2014

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Lots of Free Yoga Videos for the Fall

Free-Yoga-classes-for-FallThis is a blog post that I put together as a result of a question from Ann on the membership site who was looking for classes that she could do for the autumn season.

I have a Namaste Yoga class specifically designed for the Autumn season for the lungs and large intestine: Namaste Yoga 9:

The lung and large intestine are the internal organs related to Fall and the Metal element. Your lungs are associated with the emotion of “letting go.” Your lungs are considered by Traditional Chinese medicine to be a “tender organ.” This is because your lungs are the uppermost organ in you body and especially susceptible to wind and cold.

Classes on Namaste Yoga associated with the Lungs include:

Hanuman: Son of the Wind, Namaste Yoga 212

Namaste Yoga 197: The Sacred Mantra of Your Breath

Namaste Yoga 120: Breathe Love and Let Go

Namaste Yoga 118 Open Organically to Breath

Namaste Yoga Classes on Letting Go Include:

Namaste Yoga 142 Keepin’ It Real Yoga Style: Letting Go

One of my all time favourite classes: Shiva Lets Go Little by Little

Namaste Yoga Classes for your Large Intestine:

Namaste Yoga 10 for your Large Intestine:

Namaste Yoga 198 on Digestion, Assimilation and Elimination

Namaste Yoga 46 for the Vata Dosha

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer and so it is a good time of year to sleep more.

Yoga Helps with Insomnia

Yoga for Sleep


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