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by Melissa West on July 29, 2013

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Where can I buy your water bottle?

Glass-Water-Bottles-and-YogaHello dear Melissa! Lately I’ve heard very much that the water bottles that are made of plastic are dangerous to use. This got me thinking about how I can bring my water with me. I was worried that the plastic will dissolve in the water and do more harm than good. I discovered the orange bottle of water that you use is made ​​of glass. Can you please refer me right. I live in Sweden.
with kind regards

Dear Farnaz
Great question, cutting down on the plastic we use is so important for our health and the health of our planet so that plastic doesn’t end up in landfills as well. My water bottle is glass. I got it at my local health food store but the website on it is I hope you can get it in Sweden too! 🙂

Another thing we do in our home which works just as well, if not better is to recycle mason jars. Tim and Trinity like tomato sauce for their pasta and so we buy it in these glass mason jars and then clean them out and re-use these jars for water and many other things in our homes.

I also love ecojarz  You can attach these lids to mason jars and then use them with your stainless steel straws. I got my stainless steel straws at Delish General Store and she has lots of options for drinking from mason jars there too!

You are probably wondering what water bottles have to do with yoga, but I would say everything if we look at the yamas, the ethical principles pertaining to the way we interact with the world. Ahimsa is nonviolence. When you use plastic water bottles not only do they end up in landfills but also in the oceans of our world and they negatively impact our marine life.Switching to reusable water bottles is an act of loving kindness. Satya is truthfulness, when we look at the honest truth of what plastic water bottles do on the planet we can make better choices. Asteya is non-stealing. By reusing glass water bottles we are not stealing from the earth’s resources. Brahmacharya is non excess. Taking a new plastic water bottle every time you need a drink of water is excessive. Packing a glass water bottle is taking only what you need. Finally aparigraha is nonposessiveness. Again, by reusing water bottles you are taking only what you need.

Then as Farnaz mentioned drinking out of plastic water bottles is not good for our health. The niyamas are the guidelines related to ourselves. Saucha or purity would say that choosing glass water bottles would be a cleaner choice for our own bodies. Also tapas or self-discipline would say that it is our responsibility to make sure we are taking the extra effort in our own life for the greater good of the planet by choosing glass over plastic.

I have a whole series of classes on the yamas and niyamas for free that I will link to in the show notes if you want to learn more about them: Link to Video on Yamas and Niyamas

How has yoga impacted the way you interact with the world you live in?

Namaste, Melissa



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