Go with the Flow: Vlog 39

by Melissa West on October 31, 2016

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Victoria BC Vlog

vlog-39-with-dr-melissa-westI started my week in Beacon Hill Park having a seat in front of Moss Lady. It was a beautiful Sunday, Tim was out playing soccer and Trinity was sleeping in. I spent the morning lesson planning so I decided to let the tension that accumulates from screen time go by connecting with nature.

On Monday we went hiking on the trails of Mount Doug Park after the weekly live meditation with our members in the morning. After a lot of computer time in the morning again, it was time to head out in the forest. I found a tree to climb in. We found some huge trees with roots the size of tree trunks. There are a lot of baby ferns growing right now.

We walked back down to the bottom of Mount Doug and then drove to the top so that Tim could fly the drone. I tried to show you the pumpkins on the side of the road, but it was a bit of an orange blur. We will have to come back.

Wednesday we filmed Yoga with Melissa. I cleaned up the set and showed you the tripod that Tim filmed Yoga with Melissa 355 on Endurance.

When I’m not moving a lot, Tim can create movement on the screen with this rolling tripod.

Thursday we went to Goldstream to see the salmon run. On the way we stopped to see waterfalls.

It was a beautiful misty day in Goldstream.

We don’t have to swim up stream, we can go with the flow. We don’t have to be like the salmon. We can go downstream 🙂

Thanks for watching!

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