Green Smoothies

by Melissa West on January 7, 2013

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Melissa’s Mindful Munchies: Green Smoothies

Welcome to the first episode of Melissa’s Mindful Munchies. This morning I’ll show you how Tim and I often start our mornings. Yesterday I was at the market and I told you how excited I was to start juicing, but as fortune would have it, the juicer we brought with us was broken and not juicing very well at all – so we have resorted to blending. The benefits of blending over juicing is that you get the whole food which is much higher in fiber. Since we are not here very long we just bought a cheap blender rather than a high speed blender. In yoga our bodies are made up of 5 layers or koshas. The densest layer is called the annamaya kosha which is translates as the physical body or literally as the body full of food. You are what you eat and what you put into your body is very important.

Healthy SmoothieWe like to put a lot of greens in our smoothies because they are so nutrient dense and full of chlorophyll. Today we used kale which is high in calcium, vitamin C, iron, vitamin K,  calcium and full of antioxidants. I also included ginger in my smoothie for its immunity boosting qualities. I love to include mint which along with ginger is great for digestion and headaches.

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