Guided Meditations

by Melissa West on August 29, 2012

Today’s question comes to us from Facebook from Namaste Yoga Member Linda: Melissa I was wondering could you make a video of a guided meditation for the members because I’m trying to teach my mom to meditate and she needs some help. Namaste Linda ♥

There are several guided meditations on the membership site:

Many from our recent Loving Kindness Retreat this spring:

Our original At-Home Self Retreat has several guided meditations including walking meditations:

The Mindful Eating Workshop has a lovely meditation on Mindful Eating:

There’s an awesome little meditation that I recorded recently for members on Prosperity and Self Esteem

Finally, we are going to be entering into a Shiva series and Shiva is all about mediation.

Many of the members have requested some instructions on beginners meditation so there will be more instructions to come on meditation on the membership site.

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