Hanuman – Full Moon Mudra

by Melissa West on April 14, 2014

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Mudras Day 1

Full-Moon-MudraThe first day of our journey is an auspicious time. April 14/15 is a tetrad of total lunar eclipse. It is also a full moon known as a pink moon which refers to our close relationships, love and caring. As if that wasn’t enough it also happens to be Hanuman’s birthday on April 15th. When my vision for moving to West to the mountains first came to me, I asked Hanuman to help bring this vision to fruition so it seems fitting that he is sending us off on our journey.

If you want to know more about Hanuman, I highly recommend you check out our free 12 class series on Hanuman to learn all about him.

Needless to say, his connection to the mountains are many. In one story he takes a huge leap over the sea to get to the mountains and then actually brings an entire mountain back to bring magic herbs to his beloved Rama.

Today we will explore the abhaya and varada mudra. Hanuman is often depicted with these mudras. The abhaya mudra is a mudra of protection, strength and freedom. It is a gesture of protection and reassurance. When Hanuman holds his hand this way, he is saying, fear not, I am here to protect you. As I begin my journey across the country, I know I am protected from any fears I might have.

The Varada Mudra is referred to as the “boon giving” mudra. Boons are wishes fulfilled by the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. It is safe for us to have material fulfillment and enjoyment while living on the earth. When we see our favourite Gods and Goddesses with the varada mudra we know they are saying to us, “Don’t worry, I will look after your material enjoyment!”

Hanuman and you will hold the abhaya mudra on your right hand and the varada mudra on your left hand. In most people the right hand is dominant. The right hand is saying that it is most important that you don’t need to worry and you can trust. Then the left hand is saying that all your material needs and wishes will be fulfilled.

Today we will combine the Abhaya mudra and Varada mudra with a gesture for the full pink moon that is occurring at the same time. This mudra will combine breath and movement and will bring together the energy of Hanuman’s birthday and the full pink moon.


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