Head Nods and Dizziness

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Tim Anderson

Head-Nods-and-Dizziness---Interview-with-Tom-AndersonHi I’m Dr. Melissa West and welcome to Living Your Yoga. Today I am here with one of your favourite guests, Tim Anderson of Original Strength. A few weeks ago, Tim did a fabulous video for us all about head nods. We talked all about how head nods stimulate your vestibular system and help with balance. If you stay all the way to the end I will tell you more about how you can improve your standing balancing yoga postures. Anyway, some of you experienced some dizziness and vertigo in response to the head nods and so Tim is here to clear that up today. πŸ™‚ Remember Tim and I are not medical doctors, if you are experiencing dizziness and vertigo it is important to speak to your medical doctor.

Thank you so much Tim for answering that question for my students and viewers. So great to move away from the edge whether it be dizziness or pain. I love the eye nods as a modification.

So at the beginning of the video I told you where you could go to get more on improving your standing balancing yoga poses. Since I put Tim’s first video on improving your balance I have created a whole yoga class on improving your standing balancing yoga postures:

Brain Yoga for Standing Balancing Yoga Postures 30 mins

One of the things people ask me for help with most often is standing balancing yoga postures. One of the first signs of brain deterioration is when your balance starts to go. Using simple movement patterns on a daily basis, like the rocking, rolling, cross patterns, and crawling shown in this video will help to develop your brain. As your brain is nourished, your body is developed. When you make a movement you make a neural pathway for that movement. If you keep making that movement, you engrave that neural pathway for your brain. The more nerve connections you can make in your brain and your body the more your balance will improve. Try adding this yoga class into your regular rotation if you struggle with standing balancing postures and let me know if you notice an improvement.

It is part of our membership community.

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