Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe

by Melissa West on October 3, 2017

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Today we are going to make healthy hot chocolate 🙂

Hi I´m Melissa from Yoga Lifestyle with Melissa today we are going to make healthy hot chocolate. If you are new here we put out a video like this every Tuesday. We also put out a vlog on Mondays at 9 am PT and we answer your yoga questions on Wednesdays at 9 am PT so be sure to subscribe so you don´t miss a single video. If you like this video, thanks for pressing that like button and let me know in the comments what you like about the video.

Today I am going to show you how to make healthy hot chocolate using Harmonic Arts 5 Mushroom Drinking Chocolate. This hot chocolate mix includes 5 medicinal mushrooms: reishi, cordyceps, turkey tail, chaga and lion´s mane.

5 Mushroom Drinking Chocolate

Reishi – calm your mind and lower your cortisol levels. They are a calming mushroom that will lower your anxiety levels and also regular your hormones.

Cordyceps – known as the miracle energy booster. They are an adaptogen that activate the body’s own energy production at the cellular level.

Turkey Tail – mushroom with amazing immune boosting and anti-cancer properties. It is believed to support digestion and aid in the overall recovery process.

Chaga – most potent antioxidant on this planet. It tops the other famous antioxidants such as green tea, less fatigue, better endurance

Lion’s Mane – improving your memory, boosting creativity and helping concentration by activating your nervous system and your brain.

You can purchase the mix online here:

Or if you live in Victoria B.C. you can purchase it at Mother Nature´s Market and Deli on Cook St.:

Today our hot chocolate recipe could not be simpler!

Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe:

1 cup of non-dairy milk
1 tsp. Coconut oil (to slow down the absorption of the medicinal mushrooms)
1-2 tsp. of Harmonic Arts 5 Mushroom Drinking Chocolate
Directions: Warm the ingredients in a saucepan on the stove over a medium low heat. Blend in a blender for a frothy treat.

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Let me know in the comments which mushroom would be of most benefit to you:
Reishi to calm, cordyceps for energy, turkey tail for immunity, lion´s mane for your brain or chaga for its antioxidants.

Cheers, Melissa


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