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Incontinence Help

Incontinence-Help-with-YogaToday’s question comes from Teresa from Facebook:

I recently read this article about workout Peeing…Do you have any yoga exercises (I’m assuming Goddess pose would be one) to help strengthen the pelvic floor? Thanks in advance. I’m sure others would be interested in this topic as well. Namaste, Teresa

This is a great question Teresa. One of the most important things you can do to stop incontinence in its tracks is to strengthen your pelvic floor. In yoga we refer to this as mula bandha. I have a whole class that will help with that. (click here to watch the class)

Let’s do a little review of how this works. Inhale and on your exhale, think about drawing your pelvic floor up and inside of you like a drawstring bag. You can also imagine drawing your pubic bone and tailbone closer together.

As you mentioned, it is useful to practice pelvic floor lifts in different positions. Goddess pose is one of the more challenging positions to practice mula bandha because the muscles of your pelvic floor are actually spread quite wide in that position. That being said, it is a good position to challenge your pelvic floor muscles.

I like to practice in bridge pose because you have the help of gravity. Downward facing dog is another great place to practice. Mountain pose too. Practice Mula Bandha in a variety of positions to help strengthen your pelvic floor.

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