Help with Knees to Chest pose

by Melissa West on May 8, 2013

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Modifications for Knees to Chest with Hip Arthritis

Knees-to-chest-difficulty-pToday’s question comes to us from Camille via Email and she asks:

I have arthritis in my right hip. I was wondering, when I do certain stretches where I pull my knees to my chest my right knee can’t go in as far (same when I pull my legs up). Should I pull the one in that can go farther in (I feel awkward as I’m holding two positions with my knees) or should I just go as far with my Left knee as I go with my right so that I’m equal? I don’t want to lose flexibility in my good hip so I’m thinking I should just stretch as I can even if its not equal and feels a little awkward.

Dear Camille

I will respond to this in a video blog this week as well, so please watch for that. I would modify knees to chest by doing one side at a time and make sure you hold on behind your knee. That way you can adjust for the imbalances in your hips due to your arthritis.

Also I would recommend my video Yoga for Arthritis Hips which is available exclusively in my shop:

This video has yoga movements designed specifically for arthritis in your hips.

Namaste, Melissa


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