Herbal Tea and Yoga Classes for Immunity

by Melissa West on November 30, 2016

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Immunity Tea

herbal-tea-and-yoga-classes-for-immunityHi it’s Melissa and today I’m back with Melissa’s Medicinal Teas and Tinctures.

Today I am going to review Immune Boost by Harmonic Arts. I have been drinking a lot of this tea lately since I have been struggling with a cold.


This is a tea that you infuse, that is simmer for 20-30 minutes in water to unlock all the potential of the ingredients.

It contains:

Echinacea Root – encourages the immune system and reduces many of the symptoms of colds and flu

Astragalus has along history of boosting the immune system and is used as an adaptogen (allowing the body to adapt to stress)

Rosehips – contain a lot of vitamin C, so they are often used in the treatment of colds and flus

Elderflowers – have antiviral properties

Elderberries – are used to boost the immune system and for coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections and tonsillitis

Usnea – cleanses lungs, resolves phlegm, removes toxins

Ginger – kills bacteria, there are two natural antibiotics found in ginger, helps to eliminate congestion, helps to ease throat pain, kills cold viruses, and combats chills and fever

What is your favourite tea when you are feeling like you are coming down with a cold?

What yoga pose helps you feel most nurtured?

Leave it in the comments and let me know.

Harmonic Arts Website: 

Harmonic YouTube Channel

Direct Link to Immune Boost:

This tea pairs well with the following yoga classes:

Yoga with Melissa 22: Yoga Immunity Boost

Yoga with Melissa Episode 22: Yoga Immunity Boost with Dr. Melissa West

Yoga with Melissa 351 Yoga for a Strong Immune System

Yoga with Melissa 351 : Building a Strong Immune System from the Inside Out

Legs Up the Wall to Boost Your Immune System

Why is “legs up the wall” good for the immune system?

A blog post I did on what yoga to do when you are sick

Yoga when You Are Sick

And another one (this is a popular question)

Yoga in Sickness

Immune System Smoothie

Immunity Smoothie with Herbal Tea as Base

For our Members:

Yoga for Recuperation a Five-Class Series with a Restorative Yoga Class, a Sleep yoga class for healing, yoga for your spleen, yoga for your lymph nodes and yoga for your thymus and tonsils

We also have 9 restorative yoga classes in our membership community which are incredibly supportive when you are feeling under the weather.





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