Hip Pain and Eyes Question

by Melissa West on January 14, 2014

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Today’s question comes via email from Ambar:

eye-yoga-classesDear Melissa,

I discovered your channel in YouTube about one year ago. I love your authenticity, that idea of offering real yoga for real people. I would like to ask you for special sessions on hip pain relief (I have done episodes 14, 19 and 119 though), eyesight and a new series on emotions, please.

Thanks a lot and God bless you!

Yoga for Hip Pain

(Besides 14, 19, and 119)

Namaste Yoga 144:

Namaste Yoga 18:

Namaste Yoga 122:

Namaste Yoga 112:

Namaste Yoga 153:

Namaste Yoga 88:

Namaste Yoga 148:

Happy Hips:

Yoga for Hip Arthritis:

Yoga for Hips and Hamstrings:

Eye Yoga:

Here is a previous blog post I did with three eye yoga exercises:

Here is a blog post where I link to Namaste Yoga 111 and 69 with eye yoga exercises in them

We have some eye yoga in the following new yoga classes:

Namaste Yoga 205

Thanks for your request for a new emotions series Ambar.

Namaste, Melissa


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