How to choose a Namaste Yoga class

by Melissa West on July 22, 2013

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How to choose the right Namaste Yoga class for me

How-to-choose-a-Namaste-Yoga-ClassToday’s question comes from Brian from the membership site. He says,
Another great class Melissa. (Namaste Yoga 185)  Pumpkin pose had me cracking up, love this series. I think you should do a class on how to choose a namaste yoga class. There are too many great options! The great variety and teachings of all of the practices make it tough to make a decision every day on what to do for that day. It is my well conditioned monkey mind at work (should i be doing this one or not?) About 5 minutes in i lose this train of thought and just enjoy the experience. Your emphasis on intention in savasana calms the anxiety over which practice is the ‘right one’ for the day.

I think this is a great Yoga question.

Just yesterday I received a Facebook post from Elyse who described to me how she chooses which Namaste Yoga class to practice for the day. Here is her trick. “I love how I set my intention for the day and then I just search for it and your name and I always get the perfect yoga practice for what I am working on! Today was an oldie but a goody (hip and heart openers, Namaste Yoga 19)!  Thank you Melissa!”

One of the things I plan on doing is to create a centering meditation for the members. This will help take you through the process of creating your intention for your yoga practice like Elyse is doing. Then you will be able to go and find a class based on your needs for the day. I think I would be able to film something as simple as that early next week.

Thanks for a great question Brian. I would love to hear how you choose which Namaste Yoga to practice with the almost 200 classes available now! Add to that over 200 classes on the membership site and the members have over 400 classes to choose from! How do you choose? Let me know in the comments below.

Namaste, Melissa



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