How to Clean Your Yoga Mat | New Year 30 Day Yoga Challenge | Day 8

by Melissa West on January 8, 2018

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How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

Today I am super excited to make this DIY yoga mat spray with you so that we can clean our yoga mats together.

Mat Cleaner Recipe

  • 1 cup Water
  • 1/4 cup of vinegar
  • 10 drops tea tree oil
  • 15 drops lavender
  • 5 drops eucalyptus oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil: Kills bacteria, fungi and other microbes. Lavender is calming and antiseptic and eucalyptus is antibacterial and a great decongestant.

Fill your spray bottle with your yoga mat cleaner. Shake your bottle and then spray your entire mat. You are going to wipe down your entire mat with a damp cloth and then repeat on the other side. You will need to allow 5-10 minutes for your mat to dry before rolling your mat up for storage. Remember to clean your foam blocks, yoga balls, and foam rollers as well!

Scentuals Yoga Mat Cleaner

Lavender Essential Oil: antiseptic and calming
Tea Tree Essential Oil: Kills bacteria, fungi and other microbes
Lemon Essential Oil: natural deodorizer and purifies the air
Grapefruit Essential Oil: natural air freshener
Peppermint Essential Oil: cleans and freshens the air
Thyme Essential Oil: kills bacteria and eases stress and anxiety
Lemongrass Essential Oil: natural deodorizer and stress reducer

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How often should you clean your yoga mat?

A lot of posts on yoga mat cleaner suggest everytime you clean your yoga mat, but I think that is way too often. I would say it depends. If you are practicing at a yoga studio where you are in contact with a lot of other hands and feets, I would say often. If it is just you at home, I would say not nearly as often. Dirt actually builds immunity, gardners statistically live longer. The widespread use of antibacterial products prevents the formation of healthy gut bacteria. So no need to overdo the mat cleaning, just when you notice things getting grimy. 🙂

If you made it all the way to the end of the video leave the words ¨dirt is good¨ in the comments. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow when we will be talking about how yoga helps with anxiety. So until then, don´t stress out about germs.

Namaste, Melissa

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