How to do Alternate Nostril Breathing

by Melissa West on

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Today’s comment/question comes to us from violetgypsie on YouTube … she says, in response to my yoga for evenings video: I can’t do alternate nostril breathing… I can’t breath through my nose at all for months now… working on getting that fixed. Thank you for your lovely videos.

So first of all, you can sign up on my website at to receive a free morning and evening complimentary 30 minute morning and evening yoga video sequence to start and finish your day. The evening video has alternate nostril breathing in it to help you sleep.

Barring any major medical conditions that require surgery or something more serious to unblock nasal passages you could try using the neti pot to unblock your nasal passages. This is something that I cover off in an earlier blog post on yoga for allergies. (Click here to watch the episode)

The neti pot is also highly recommended to prevent colds and flus as I discuss in this blog post – click here.

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