How to do Cobra Pose | 30 Day New Year Challenge | Day 19

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How to do Cobra Pose

On day 19 of our 30 day yoga challenge, I will show you how to do cobra pose. This short yoga video will demonstrate 3 modifications of cobra pose. We will go over the benefits of cobra pose as well as the specific benefits of cobra pose for back pain.

Cobra pose can be particularly challenging if you have wrist problems, if you are pregnant, have stomach issues, are lack the upper body strength. The modifications shown in this video will help you to find your way around these limitations. The first modification I show uses a wall, which will eliminate the need to lie on your belly, put weight on the wrists and the need for upper body strength. The second modification moves the hands forward which also allows for less upper body strength which will give you time to build your strength. The third modification uses a bolster which is also easier in terms of upper body strength and bending your body backwards.

Modifications for Cobra Pose
OK, let’s start by exploring some modifications for cobra pose.

Modification 1:
Try doing this pose standing using a wall. This can alleviate pressure on the belly and wrists and also eliminate the need for upper body strength for the time being.
Place your hands at shoulder height. Take a step away from the wall. Lift and open your chest and look up towards the ceiling.
Modification 2:
Lie on your belly. Place your hands, palms down beside your face, with your forearms resting on the ground. Draw up through your navel and pelvic floor. Slowly lift your chest up off the ground as high as is comfortable for you.
Modification 3:
Place a bolster under your pelvis. Place your hands under your shoulders and lift your torso up and off the ground from here.

Benefits of Cobra Pose:

  • Improves Posture
  • Stimulates Circulatory System
  • Improves Digestion
  • Improves Immunity by stimulating lymphatic system
  • Opens the chest
  • Opens the shoulders
  • Opens the throat
  • Lengthens the spine and increases spinal flexibility
  • Strengthens the low back, shoulders and legs
  • Increases energy and reduces fatigue

Benefits of Cobra Pose for Back Pain
Cobra pose is a fantastic pose for back pain and spinal health. How does it work? Cobra pose alleviates compression of the discs in the spine along the nerve roots providing back pain relief. This pose gently stretches and strengthens your back and spine and is known to relieve sciatica.

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