How to do Mountain Pose in Yoga

by Melissa West on January 23, 2013

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Today’s Question comes to us from Kathy from Facebook
When I am in Mountain pose, where should I focus my weight?
Is my goal to spread it evenly across the foot?
I found that my natural stance puts most of the weight on the ball of my foot and to the inside.
Thank you so much for taking time to help me.

This is a really great awareness that you’ve had in mountain pose, that you’ve noticed that most of your weight is on the ball of your foot and inside of your foot. One thing about awareness is that it allows you to make a choice and awareness is the precursor to change. You might keep things the same or you may change things. In this case, pay attention to where you feel that weight in the next closest joint in your body, your knee joint. My guess is that weight on the ball of your foot and to the inside of your foot is going to be felt on the inside of your knee joint which could put undue stress on the medial meniscus and medial ligaments of your knee over time. So yes, your goal is to evenly spread your weight across your foot – heel, ball, inside and outside. Imagine the ball of your foot like an old fashioned 4-wheel roller skate and try to get the weight evenly across all 4 wheels.

How to do Mountain Pose in Yoga

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