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Wheel Pose

How-to-do-Wheel-PoseToday’s blog post is about how to do wheel pose 🙂

When I asked you what yoga poses do you avoid the most, wheel pose came up a lot. 🙂

Today I am going to talk to you about how to do wheel pose. First of all, you won’t see this pose in my yoga classes anymore because I believe this is a yoga pose that you need to do in a yoga class with a qualified yoga instructor so you can receive the proper lead up to the pose as well as assists.

That being said, wheel pose requires: strength in your legs, flexibility in your hips, flexibility in thoracic spine, flexibility in shoulder girdle, and flexibility in wrists. So, you can prepare for this pose by practicing these things at home.

Props Needed: Blocks

How to prepare for wheel pose:

#1 Strengthen your legs

Work on poses like 1 legged Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose). This pose will build strength in your legs so that you will be able to push up into wheel pose. You can also practice the prep position for your arms while you are in this pose. Practice with a block between your knees and feet as well so that your knees don’t splay out to the side when you do come into wheel pose. When your knees splay it this adds to low back compression.

#2 Flexibility in your Shoulder Girdle

Tightness in your armpits will often limit the full range of motion in this backbend. If you practice puppy pose on your elbows it will help to open up your shoulders and armpits and allow full extension of your armpits and shoulder girdle in this pose when you come into the full expression.

#3 Flexibility in your Thoracic Spine (Upper Back)

Backbends are actually about mobility in your upper back. Creating mobility in your upper back will help you to access bigger backbends like wheel pose. Try build up backbend poses like cobra and sphynx to create movement and mobility in your upper back.

#4 Flexibility in your Wrists

In wheel, your wrists are in full flexion behind your head. Practice wrist warm ups, especially making sure they are comfortable weight bearing in flexion to prepare for this pose. Come into table positions with your fingertips turned toward your knees and lean back.

If you would like more support in preparing for wheel pose than I recommend some of our specialized classes from our membership community which focus on lengthening the psoas and bringing mobility to your upper back with the soft foam roller.

Our intelligent core will create length all along the front of your body and into the front of your hips: and Our upper back rehydration sequence will bring mobility to your upper back (thoracic spine)

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