How to do Yoga in the Morning | New Year 30 Day Yoga Challenge | Day 6

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Today we are talking about how to do yoga in the morning. So this is maybe a two part question, how to actually get up and get going to do that yoga in the morning and then once you are up what yoga you should be doing. So tomorrow we will be answering the what yoga you should be doing in the morning, today we will be answering the, how can you actually do yoga in the morning.

#1 Go to bed early. Make sure you get a good night´s sleep so that it is easy for you to get up in the morning. This actually probably means having a bit of an evening routine as well. If you watch disturbing media with that blue light feeding your pituitary gland until late at night, then you probably will not get a very restful sleep. Try to dim the lights, turn off your screens, take a warm bath, and avoid anything mentally strenuous in the evenings. All of this will contribute to a good night´s sleep.

#2 Make sure you are ready for the morning. Have all your props together, lay out your yoga clothes the night before and choose your yoga class on YouTube. This way you will not waste any time fumbling around for these things in the morning.

#3 Do not check your phone or any social media in the morning. This takes you down a rabbit hole that you do not want to go down in the mornings.

#4 Make the morning special. Prepare a special drink to get you going. I like to start my morning with a warm lemon water to help detoxify with Botanica Ashwagandha Tincture to support my adrenals and Harmonic Arts Liver Tonic for my liver. Or if I am feeling like something really special to start my day I might make a Do Matcha Matcha Latte to kick start my time on my mat. These small observances make my morning rituals more special and ceremonial.

If you are a member of my online community we have more than 10 specific short yoga classes for you to start your day, so that you can get off to work or get the kids off to school.

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Thank you so much for watching. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow when we will talk about what yoga to do in the morning.

See you then. Namaste, Melissa



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