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Today’s question comes to us from Hannah via email: Hi Dr. West,

I have been using your free videos for some time and finding them VERY helpful! Thank you so much for the work that you do.

I am considering buying a membership but my main reason for doing so would be to be able to more easily search your large collection of videos for a specific series, a specific length of class, or a specific subject. Can you tell me if the classes on the membership site are searchable in that way?

Thanks again, Hannah, Fredericton, NB

Dear Hannah

I’m so glad you find the videos helpful.

That is the thing about having so much content, is that is does get unwieldy after a while! 🙂 The content on the membership site is different than the content outside of the membership site. That being said, the members do spend a lot of time discussing the content outside of the membership site! lol! So one way you would be able to easily manage the large collection of videos is through discussion with the other members. A lot of people do that through the ask melissa thread and the daily yoga thread.

Within the membership site we arrange the videos in two ways. The one hour videos are listed and then the shorter 20 -20 minute multi-day series videos are listed (with descriptions once you click on them) You can see a list of them here below the video of me:

The is a search box on the membership site. I actually use that often too when searching for content. It works well.

Outside of the membership site, there is a search box on my website It is on the right hand side of every page just above the subscribe icons for facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. It also works really well. I use it a lot when people ask me for a class on a subject to find a class out of my 160 classes.

On my youtube page there are playlists on the right hand side of the page. That way we divide the content up into the series of classes I’ve taught over the last three and a half years. There are the beginners classes, the Shiva classes, Yoga Stories, Ganesh, Stories, Chakra Balancing Yoga, Yoga Jargon, Namas and Niyamas, The Organ Body, Yoga of Emotions, The Keepin it Real Series … it’s all there. 🙂

I hope that helps. I would love to have you as a member. That is where we house the primo, value-added content. Plus you get more interaction with me and a great community.


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