How to increase the number of yoga students coming to your studio

by Melissa West on November 20, 2012

Today’s question comes from Camellia on FB

Morning Miss M. I wonder if you might be able to help me. I have opened a studio (6weeks) ago and am in the process of getting bums on the mat. Do you have any wisdom around attracting bums :0) or in your case video bums?

Dear Camellia
Congratulations on opening your new studio. That is very exciting. I would definitely hold some free events to get people into your studio. How about a grand opening special event like a workshop with high quality content. What about a karma yoga class on off-peak hours like Friday nights? Like pay what you can and give the proceeds to a charity that is meaningful to you. Above and beyond that I would recommend you check out the marketing genius behind my business, my business partner and my husband, Tim West.

He has lots of free videos with free tips on his YouTube channel which you can check out on his website:

But, he also has a variety of coaching packages that you can check out so that he can take a look at your business and help you see what it would take to get more bums on your mats!
That’s my best advice to you 🙂

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