How to inspire others to tell the truth

by Melissa West on March 13, 2013

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Today’s question comes from Melissa from Fox and Owl Metaphysical Manifestations
How do you inspire others to speak their truth, and get to know themselves better?

In each yoga class I teach I encourage my yoga students to reflect on what stands out about their class. From there I ask them to dig deeper and find out, what’s the life connection? How does the thing that stands out from your yoga practice connect to the rest of your life? Then I encourage my students to find a small way that they can take what they have discovered with them out into their lives in some small way. Not in a dramatic change your whole life kind of way, but some small change that they could make in the next 24 hours that would put what they just did on the yoga mat into practice in their lives.

With the 40 day sadhanas/personal practices that I create for people it is a much more intimate practice where I tune into people’s energy centers and find out which chakras are blocked, closed or excessive. People fill out incredibly detailed intake forms and tell me a lot about their bodies, energy, work, relationships, thoughts, relationship to spirit and what they would most like to transform in their lives at this time. From there I am able to see how the energy blocks or excesses in their bodies are showing up in their lives and create yoga programs and make suggestions about how they can speak their truths in their lives. Even filling out the intake forms to the 40 day sadhanas I think people really get to know themselves better. When they get their practices back, along with my report, I think I mirror a lot back to them and they see themselves through another’s eyes and come to know themselves even more deeply.

On my membership site we have something called the weekly challenge. Each week I put together a three practices along with a reflection and a list of questions. People then respond to these questions on the membership forum in a way that allows them to speak their truth and get to know themselves better. For example, last week we had a challenge on cleansing toxic relationships in your life from the perspective of the niyama of saucha in yoga which means to cleanse. I then included yoga practices on cleansing for the week. There are a lot of rich discussions that come out of these weekly challenges.

In the continuing education course for teachers, Open Your Heart to Yoga Pedagogy, it is all about truth telling! Each week the teachers come to class having done their homework outside of class. Each class is a virtual circle where the teachers have the opportunity to talk about their experience of working through the themes of intention, loving kindness, acceptance and acknowledgment. The virtual circle is a place where they have a unique experience to speak about their own experience and have it witnessed by others. The intention is to create a safe and welcoming environment for their own inner teacher to make an appearance.

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