How to Prevent Knee Pain in Yoga

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Knee Pain in Yoga

Today we are going to talk about 6 ways to prevent knee pain in yoga.

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1) Improve the muscular support around your knee. If you have little strength in your legs you put yourself at high risk for knee pain. Yoga poses like chair pose, warrior poses, and Goddess Victory Squat are great choices to build strength in your legs

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2) Range of motion is important. Range of motion in your hip joint helps means that there is less mobility required of the knee – which is good, because then it can stay stable šŸ™‚ Yoga poses like lunge pose, pigeon pose, sleeping pigeon are great choices to improve the mobility of your hips.

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3) Improve your bone density. A little bit of stress on your bones is a good thing because it encourages your bones to rebuild themselves stronger. Yoga is great for building bone density in a gentle way compared to some activities like running. Yoga postures create extra load (or weight) that creates more tension from tendons pulling on bone. The more tension, the more new bone your body will make. Yoga also as you know from our class on flexibility, has a lot of flexibility training, which research on bone density now shows also stimulates new bone growth.

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4) Listen to your body. If you are tired, rest, don’t push through pain. There are lots of restorative yoga classes for those days when you need to restore your energy.

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5) Stay hydrated. If you are dehydrated your muscles will not contract properly, will be more prone to cramping and at a higher risk for pain and injury.

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6) Lose excess weight. Your body is designed to carry a certain load. When you exceed that load, you are asking for trouble. This is not about having a perfect body, this is just about not putting undue stress on your body by overloading it.

You can check if you are overweight by using a BMI calculator that I you can find here

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