How to prevent sore wrists and baby fingers after yoga practice

by Melissa West on September 7, 2012

Today’s question comes to us from Jennifer from  Facebook:
I am finding that my wrists and my baby fingers are sometimes quite sore after yoga, am I putting too much pressure on them? Are there common physical complaints from others, that may just be typical of getting into a yoga routine? Sometimes I get that feeling of pins and needles as well, which makes me think I have poor blood circulation…argh..

These are quite common complaints when you begin a yoga practice.  The last two episodes of Namaste Yoga 139 and 140 have some really good wrist stretches in them.

Namaste Yoga 139

Namaste Yoga 140

Also you can give your wrists a break by coming onto your fists sometimes therefore keeping your wrists in a neutral position.

It is also a good idea to stretch out your hands as I show in the video. Whenever you are doing weight bearing postures through your hands, make sure to spread your fingers really wide and reach out into the webs of your hands. This will take the weight out of your wrists and into the widest points of your hands. I love how Ana Forest calls for aliveness in your hands. I think it is really useful to think of this when you practice your yoga. When you get pins and needles shake out your hands, but if the problem persists, be sure to check with a medical professional.

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