How to Reduce Stress with Yoga | New Year 30 Day Yoga Challenge | Day 11

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Reduce Stress with Yoga

Have you ever wondered how to reduce stress with yoga? If so, this video is for you.

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Today we are talking about how to reduce stress with yoga and I thought I would share with you my top three favourite yoga poses for reducing stress.

#3 Legs Up the Wall
How to do it: For this one you are going to scooch the sides of your hips right up against the wall and then swing your legs around so that they are up the wall with your back resting on the ground. If you have low back issues, be sure to practice this one with your knees bent.
Why does this work?
This is a restorative yoga posture that allows your body and mind to relax. As a gentle inversion it turns things upside down, so if you have been up in your head with monkey mind, I find inversions can be useful to shake things up.

#2 Child´s Pose
How to do it: Starting from all four´s open your knees and lean back on your heels resting your forehead against the ground. Your arms can be extended out in front of you or they can rest down by your feet. If this bothers your knees and ankles then lie on your back with your knees into your chest.
Why does this work?
This is another restorative pose that calms and soothes the brain which makes it a therapeutic yoga posture for relieving stress.

#1 Savasana
How to do it: Lie down on your back with your hands turned up beside you or on your belly. If you have low back problems place a bolster under your knees or bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor.
Why does this work?
Savasana is a wonderful pose to relieve tension from your body. It is also a pose where it is easier to breathe deeply into your low belly.

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I look forward to seeing you tomorrow when we will be talking about how to relax with yoga. So until then, keep savasing yourself. .
Namaste, Melissa


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