How to Use a Yoga Strap | 30 Day New Year Challenge | Day 14

by Melissa West on January 14, 2018

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How to Use a Yoga Strap

If you are curious about how to use your yoga strap and how to get more creative about using this amazing prop, then this is for you.
If you didn’t know I am kind of the expert on YouTube on How to Use a Yoga Strap. Back in April of 2014 I created a full length 1 hour intermediate yoga class called Yoga with a Strap that has had almost 50K views now. In this class I show you 20 ways to use a yoga strap in a yoga class.

Today I am going to show you how to use a yoga strap, even in you are a beginner in this yoga strap tutorial. There will be a yoga strap pose for posture which will stretch your shoulders. There is an awesome yoga strap exercise that is great for your hamstrings and your abdominals. Finally I will show you how to tie your yoga strap so that you can do yoga poses with a strap. Specifically we will be doing a standing yoga pose with a strap. So if you have been wondering how to do yoga with a strap, you are in the right place.

Locust Pose or Salabhasana with a Strap
How to do it: Lie on your belly, wrap the strap around the balls of your feet and place the lengths of your strap along your legs Tuck your toes under, lift your chest and walk your hands back along the length of your strap. Hold for 5 breaths
Strengthens your core/abdominals and back muscles
Stretches and opens your chest muscles
Tones your buttocks
Improves your posture
Strengthens your upper body including your arms
Stretches and opens your shoulders
Strengthens the back muscles, helps with back problems including sciatica
Improves your digestion by massaging your abdominal organs
Eases depression

Reclined Staff Pose or Supta Dandasana with a Strap
Please note, this pose is not recommended if you have low back issues (modification provided in video)
How to do It: Create the longest possible loop with your strap. Lie down on your back. Place the strap round the top of your sacrum and the balls of your feet. Draw up through your pelvic floor and down through your navel to support your lower back. Lengthen your legs straight up, take your arms out to the side. Breathe for 5-10 breaths.
To modify do with one leg straight and one knee bent for low back issues.
Tones abdominals
Strengthens Core muscles
Improves Digestion
Improves Posture
Stretches and Lengthens Hamstrings

Parsvottanasana or Standing Forward Folding Triangle with a strap
(this pose is also not recommended if you have low back problems – modification will be given in video)
How to do it: Shorten the loop in the strap. Place the strap around the front of your left hip. Step into the loop with the ball of your right foot and take a step back. You want the strap to be tight enough so it pulls the front of your left hip back. Both legs are straight and you forward fold to the ground with your hands on a chair, blocks or the ground.
Lengthens the hamstrings
Strengthens the legs
Improves balance and focus
Improves Digestion
Calms the mind

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