I Met a Namaste Yogi Member!

by Melissa West on June 6, 2016

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Vlog 18 Meet a Yogi

Vlog-18---Victoria-VloggerI started the week with a crystal singing bowl circle on Sunday which was a relaxing way to start the week. I didn’t film again until Thursday as a lot of my focus was on recovering from a migraine episode this week.

The highlight of my week was meeting one of you! Linda is a Namaste Yogi and member visiting in Victoria BC for a few months and we went for a lovely walk and ice cream in Victoria. I think Linda should start her own vlog what do you think?

Saturday afternoon we went for a bike ride through Beacon Hill Park. I was riding Betsy the Beachcomber, she is fun to ride on flats, she has no gears. We went down to the beach and admired the stones. We show you the world’s tallest totem pole 🙂 We stop and smell the roses.

We finished the week in Ross Bay cemetery. The week finished with 30 C weather. I reflected back on my experience of the last two weeks of my experience of living with migraines. I am so grateful to be surrounded by the strength of the people around me. Thank you Ulrika, Diane, Claire, hannah, Fiona, Alice, Michelle, Linda, Michele, Ivy, Bonnie, Jeff and Tim – your presence in my life brings me strength 🙂

How do you restore your energy? Who supports you in your life when your energy is low physically, mentally, emotionally?

Namaste, Melissa


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