I’m pregnant what precautions should I take during yoga

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I’m pregnant, what precautions should I take during yoga?

Today’s question comes to us from Facebook
I think I’m pregnant, I’m going for a check-up Wednesday, buuuuuut!
The deal is… I cannot live without my yoga classes with you!!!!
I know I still can do yoga, but which asanas should I refrain from doing?
I still do them all. I might be a month pregnant, but still we don’t know.
What can I do??? Please, help!

Thank you for your help and wisdom


The good news is since you were doing yoga prior to getting pregnant you can continue doing yoga into your pregnancy. The big deal in the first trimester is not to elevate your body temperature too much – this really isn’t such a big deal in yoga b/c we don’t do that … but you can take that guideline a step further and avoid yoga that creates “heat” in your body like kapala bhati breath and intense twists – see what feels right in your body. Here are some traditional guidelines:

Prenatal Yoga Exercise Guidelines
• Avoid exercise lying on your back after the first trimester
• Keep cool through adequate hydration & appropriate clothing in the first trimester
• Avoid holding your breath, focus on continuous breathing
• If you have diastasis recti avoid abdominal exercises prior to the 4th month
• Ligaments become relaxed due to the hormone relaxin, therefore avoid overstretching and rapid changes in direction
• Avoid prolonged or strenuous exertion during the first trimester
• Maintain adequate nutrition and hydration before and after exercise
• Take precaution in balancing postures to avoid falling
• For every hour of exercise, follow with an hour of rest

As you move on in your pregnancy you will just have to use common sense – that is simply make room for your baby – you can’t lie on your stomach obviously. So instead of lying on your stomach think of how you could do the posture from a different orientation to gravity. You will have to do your twists open. You can still do inversions/back-bends that you did prior to being pregnant. Instead of sun salutation do moon salutation. If in doubt sub in a squat for whatever posture you can’t do when we are doing a posture that you can’t do!

Of course I have a prenatal yoga video that will be perfect for you available in my shop!


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