Top Three Reasons to Include Mantra in Your Yoga Practice

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Why use Mantras in Your Yoga Practice

Top-Three-Reasons-to-Include-Mantra-in-Your-Yoga-Practice-with-Melissa-WestReason #3

Hatha Yoga used pranic mantras to open the chakras. According to Dr. David Frawley, author of Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound, “The fifty main Sanskrit letters from the petals of the chakras serve to energize them. The inner power of yoga is said to be composed of the letters or sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet and is primarily a higher mantric force.”

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Reason #2

In yoga there we refer to the 3 gunas – rajas – which is agitated, tamas – which is inert and sattva which is harmonic. According to Dr. David Frawley in his book on Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound, chanting mantra neutralizes rajas and tamas (or agitation and inertia) and allows you to move into sattvic consciousness.

Reason #1

Mantra calms your mind. When your mind focuses on chanting a mantra it gives your mind something to focus on, allowing it to become reflective and quiet. Dr. David Frawley suggests turning to a mantra each time your mind becomes agitated allowing the mantra’s power to calm your mind to increase.
Yoga Practices the include Mantra:

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