by Melissa West on July 18, 2011


With only two short weeks before entering our new space for yoga classes, I’ve been meditating on what intention I want to create in that new space. This morning as I sat down to my meditation practice, I decided to meditate on what I wanted to bring to my new yoga space in August. Three things came up for me.

We will be beginning our time at Back in Line Wellness by working with the five vayus. This has to do with the management of prana – the vital life force that animates all levels of being. Through practicing yoga we can become more attentive to prana to enhance and direct its flows. Prana is not only translated as life force, but also as spirit that breathes life into all things. For me, yoga is a spirit-centered practice. When we practice yoga we tap into the sacred essence of our deepest, most authentic self. Yoga is a practice that nourishes our spirit. Breathing is said to connect us to our spirit. Pranayama or breath practice has always been a cornerstone of my teaching and will continue to be a way to call in Spirit.

Connect to the Wisdom of our Bodies
We live in a culture that places over indulgent value on logical thinking and our minds. Thinking has become our strongest, most over-used way of knowing. Through the practice of yoga we can come to discern other ways of knowing and learn from the wisdom of our bodies. Our bodies never lie. In fact, if we don’t listen to them, they tend to speak more loudly. When we practice yoga we get to know ourself through our own bodies. In a culture where we have become accustomed to looking outside of ourselves for answers, yoga provides us with the unique opportunity to come to our bodies as wise teachers.

Be Open to Receive
This was the most beautiful piece that came to me in meditation this morning. For me it has many levels of meaning. I am open to receive an abundance of students  who are interested in deepening their study of yoga to include philosophy, intention, full-bodied experience, and integration into their day to day lives. I am open to receive the teachings of yoga and setting the intention to attract students who are open and receptive to the teachings as well. I am open to receive abundance in all its forms prosperity of financial wealth, health, love, joy, peace, and spirit. I am open to receive that which is still to come as well.

What are your intentions as we transition into a new space? Leave your comments below. Like Namaste Yoga on Facebook and leave your comments on the wall there. Or send me an e-mail to [email protected]


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