Are Inversion Tables good for my neck?

by Melissa West on August 20, 2013

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Today’s question comes from Jorge from FB

Inversion-TablesMy lovely Yogi teacher, thank you for sharing your light, I enjoy your classes. I got use to your voice and light humor, your voice is so familiar that I am convince I know you, thank you a million. You have helped save my life by guiding me to be present with your yoga videos. I have a question about inverted tables. Is worth investing the energy in inverted tables to help my back and neck pain. Could I accomplish the same with yoga poses? I send you my love and thank you for being my and the worlds yogi teacher, Jorge

Dear Jorge, you are so sweet. I am honoured to share the teachings of yoga with you, it is my joy and privilege.
Inversion Tables! I LOVE THEM! I think in many cases they are safer than yoga poses because you get all the benefits of inverted yoga postures without compressing your spine at all. I have a yoga swing/trapeze that Donna from Squeezed turned me on to.  I love that thing. I hang in it every day. It is great it you are mobile enough to get in and out of it. It is also a little less bulky than an inversion table. Inversion tables are great, especially for people who aren’t as athletic as yogis might be – so the swing requires a little bit of athleticism to get in and out (nothing serious) but my 87 year old grandpa wouldn’t be able to use it. Anyway, inversion table or swing – definitely GO FOR IT! Fabulous for your back and neck pain!


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