Is yoga enough exercise for my body or should I do something else too?

by Melissa West on July 25, 2012

Today’s question comes from LIna from Youtube and she asks, is yoga enough as an exercise for my body or should i do something else too???

This is a great question. There are 5 components to physical fitness. 

1) strength
2) flexibility
3) balance
4) endurance
5) cardiovascular

The kind of yoga I teach, hatha yoga, covers off the first four of those components: strength, flexibility, balance and some endurance. Our yoga postures build strength, increase your flexibility, work your balance and the long holds work on the endurance of your strength, flexibility, and balance. What is missing from hatha yoga is cardiovascular fitness so I would recommend you include some cardiovascular fitness a few times a week in your fitness routine. It doesn’t have to be a big deal just get out and do some walking, swimming, or biking to look after your heart and your lungs.

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