Jaw Pain

by Melissa West on January 29, 2014

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Jaw Yoga

Jaw-Pain-ReliefToday’s question comes to us from Ann from the membership site.

Hi Melissa, I have a student in one of my classes who suffers from TMJ. She is clenching her teeth at night and waking up with jaw pain. I recommended some relaxation techniques for her to do before bed, as well as neck exercises and legs up the wall. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks, Ann

Dear Ann, This comes up a lot actually. I have it on my content creation list to do some more research on this and create a class for jaw pain and TMJ. I think your suggestions are good. The connective tissue classes would be great for this, especially the hand class. Remembering to keep space between your teeth is important too. I will show a simple exercise you can do in this video to relax your jaw. Lion’s breath is great too.

What yoga do you do to relax your jaw? I want to know. Leave your comments below.

Namaste, Melissa


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