What yoga to do when suffering from Knee Arthritis

by Melissa West on February 26, 2014

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Knee Arthritis Yoga

exercise-for-arthritic-kneeToday’s question comes from Kari from Facebook: I just discovered your videos a month ago and love them! I have been skipping around, but have decided to start at episode #1 and work my way up. I do have some problems with arthritis in my knees and toe joints and was wondering if you have done any episodes focusing on this? It would be helpful on the bad days as I hate to give up a yoga day! Especially since it is my one hour for myself (I stay home with an active 3 year old:)).

I’m so happy to hear that you are loving the videos. Here is a free class that may be helpful for your knees and feet.

Today I am going to show you one exercise you can do that may be helpful for your knee. Sit in a chair and extend your leg out. This will strengthen the muscles around your knee and lubricate your knee joint.

I do have a yoga for arthritis knee video.

Also on the membership site I have a connective tissue class where we use a soft squash ball that sounds like it would be really useful for your toe issue.

Congratulations on making that extra hour for yourself each day. I Know how tough that is for a lot of people and yet you are doing it and reaping the rewards!

Namaste, Melissa







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