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by Melissa West on September 25, 2013

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Today’s question comes to us from Gaby from the membership site:

Lefty-YogaHi Melissa! I wanted to send you a question that may be you can use for your great short videos in your blog and your Living your Yoga Channel.
I am left handed -and also left footed!- and during a yoga class, when some things are supposed to be done with your right hand only -like a mudra-, or when certain effects are different depending on which side you do it -I can think of alternate nostril breathing, but I’m sure they’re many more- I often wonder if it’s the same for me, or I should do them “the other way around”… since I do most things everyday the other way around! I don’t know if it makes sense, but as a lefty I often have this kind of questions!
Thanks in advance!

I think this is a great question, and in my opinion I think that Gaby should be using her dominant hand when I cue her to use her right hand. I am curious to know what other people who are left hand dominant do during yoga postures and mudras? Do you use your dominant hand as your gesture hand or for the main hand of your mudra? How do you get around this in your yoga practice? Leave your comments below and lets see what how other lefties manage with this.

Namaste, Melissa


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