Legs up the Wall When Menstruating

by Melissa West on November 10, 2016

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Legs Up The Wall When Menstruating

legs-up-the-wall-when-menstruatingIs it good to be in legs up wall if I’m menstruating?

Love this class!  (Restore Your Energy) Namaste, Madeline

Dear Madeline,

This is such a great question, and as always, I am not a medical doctor, but rather a Ph.D. in communications and cultural studies, so as always the last word goes to your medical doctor particularly if you have menstrual issues and complications.

The reason why this question comes up is that there is an important guideline to avoid inversions when you are menstruating because they disrupt the downward flow of menstrual flow.

I feel legs up the wall are a bit of a gray zone because your pelvis is not technically inverted. If you are lying with your pelvis level and flat on the ground then your pelvis isn’t any more inverted than it would be in savasana or knees to chest or reclined bound angle pose.

So for the most part, I do not avoid legs up the wall when I am menstruating, outside of the heaviest flow days, the first day or two of my period. That day or two I keep my legs on the ground.

I’d be curious to hear how other women treat this gray zone in their practice? Do you practice legs up the wall during your menstrual cycle? Why or why not? Has it been a helpful pose for your during your menstrual cycle or has it been disruptive for you?

Leave your comments below.

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Namaste, Melissa



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