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by Melissa West on February 29, 2016

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Island Life

Vlog#3This week started out with sunshine and optimism as I looked forward to my collaborations this week. I had a fun meeting with Jeff, from  about planning some videos for you around the traditional Chinese medicine clock. Jeff is going to be sharing some qi gong moves with us in the vlogs.

I shared some Canadian moments with you. You get to see me from my yoga swing in a blissful savasana and then that is pretty much it for yoga for the week because I got hit hard with a horrible cold this week. Although I do some yoga for recuperation to build my immunity and help me with the col. You get to see me try several different herbal teas this week. I have an anti viral tea and then as the cold progresses I use marshmallow root tea to soothe my mucous membranes. Later in the week I show you slippery elm.

A lot of you asked to see what we eat. I showed some behind the scenes of me preparing some of our meals this week too as I prepared a lentil curry and a mango, sesame mixed green salad.

We got a new hard drive for Namaste Yoga this week. Video takes up a lot of space and you get to see how we deal with video storage of over 300 videos. 🙂

We get back to filming outside for Namaste Yoga this week. See behind the scenes of our filming in Beacon Hill Park here in Victoria BC. I started designing the new thank you card for all of you who so generously support our show. I open some of the mail you sent me.

I go to acupuncture. Trinity and I went to see Phantom of the Opera. I had fun meeting up with our members for our Monthly Motivation Meetup. I take you to see Tim´s happy place, Patisserie Daniel. We film the weekly challenge for the membership community at Government House.

We take you down to Clover Point to show you a windy day so you can watch the rollers come in and all the white caps.

I hope you enjoyed this week´s vlog. Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Let me know what you would like to see in this week´s vlog. Thanks for watching.

Namaste, Melissa



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