Lifestyle tips for Pitta Constitution

by Melissa West on

Kristen Clayton Miller Thank you Melissa. I am Pitta (as much as I try to deny it lol!) I am still trying to educate myself on what is best for me. Any suggestions on good lifestyle choices for Pitta? BTW I loved your last episode. So relaxing. And 146 is great too. Thank you for all you do! β™₯

Dear Kristen, you can start with educating yourself with the class on the pitta dosha (Namaste Yoga 47) Β The thing to remember with your pitta dosha is that you are dominated by fire, so for lifestyle tips to practice cooling. Pittas are quite competitive so be mindful of that and draw on your sense of humour when you notice that getting the better of you. Because pittas have such strong digestive fires it is good to eat small meals and graze throughout the day. Avoid spicy foods that will aggravate and add to your already strong internal fire. Take time to rest each day, balance your whirlwind of activity with time to rest and take it easy. πŸ™‚ Deepak Chopra’s book Perfect Health is an excellent introduction to Ayurveda written in layman’s terms.

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