Melissa’s Mindful Munchies Market Visit

by Melissa West on January 6, 2013

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Today’s blog post is about something we talked about on our last google hangout and relates to the niyama saucha or cleanliness. On our hangout we were talking about giving up sugar and even alcohol and how this relates to the niyama saucha, cleanliness. A couple of the members on the hangout were expressing a desire to clean up their diets. One member was wanting to give up sugar. Another one was saying that she was just feeling heavy despite being vegan and was feeling an inner nudge to give up sugar. As you practice your yoga you are purifying your body. It makes sense that after a certain point your body is going to begin rejecting having toxins added to the wholesome and clean environment you have been creating through yoga. This is not a “should” or  something that you are going to impose on yourself. Just that as you purify your body with yoga and pranayama, breath practices, you are purifying your body and it becomes less desirable to add toxins to that environment. At a certain point, you just won’t want to muddy up the inner clarity you have created with toxins like sugar and alcohol.

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