My surprise Christmas Gift from the family : Vlog 47

by Melissa West on December 26, 2016

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Christmas Week Vlog

This week is all about getting ready for Christmas.

Thank you so much for your support for Dressember. Because of your support our team has raised over $2,000 so far to help end human trafficking. If you are still feeling in the Christmas spirit you can donate here.

I’ve grown so much personally from being involved in Dressember. Getting dressed up everyday for a month has changed me. It has influenced my social media marketing plan in a huge way. Tim and I have come together as a creative team. The thing I am most excited about is the new creative channel of sewing my own clothes 🙂

Wednesday we did a little shopping for our Thursday livestream to prepare for the mulled cider video I did with Carol from Victoria Driftwood.

This week has been a lot of behind the scenes working out solutions for live streams, so now we are going to be able to do better livestreams. We did three livestreams this week! I made cookies with you, we made mulled apple cider, and we filmed Yoga with Melissa 363 Live this week! 🙂

We received a special delivery of lasagna and cookies from Danielle. Trinity wanted lasagna for Christmas dinner. It was delicious. Pay it forward.

How do you think we should pay it forward for Danielle?

Thursday we did another livestream 🙂 This one was mulled apple cider. On Thursday we photographed Dressember at St. Ann’s Academy. Tim is enjoying the practice for his photography everyday.

On Christmas eve day we went a little crazy with treats. We went to Tim’s favourite bakery, Patisserie Daniel. We got some treats at Mother Nature’s. We made crepes for Christmas day breakfast. At Origins Bakery I went crazy. I got cranberry walnut bread, raisin butter tarts, an apple pie, and a gingerbread snowflake cookie.

Thanks to Tim and Trinity for my ring light!

Namaste, Melissa


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