My first vlog

by Melissa West on February 15, 2016

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First Vlog!

First-VlogWelcome my first vlog, which I will share with you every Monday. We were finding that our short behind the scenes and more personal videos were incredibly popular, so I decided to start filming short clips throughout my day to show you some of the ¨day in my life as a yogi¨

In this vlog you will get a glimpse into my daily yoga and meditation practice. I started filming this on Saturday morning so you will get to see Tim and I go to a videographers meetup that Tim runs. You will also see us going to pick up some new video equipment for filming with the drone.

A lot of you have been asking for an apartment tour, so I give you a glimpse of one of the most exciting parts of our apartment! You also get to see an oh so glamorous moment of me giving myself a huge goose egg on my forehead, which amazingly doesn´t stop us from doing a photo shoot for squeezed that night. We bring you behind the scenes to the photo shoot too. On Sunday you get to come with us to the Salvation Army to serve hot lunches to those in need in Victoria. I also show you some gorgeous cherry blossom trees in bloom here in Victoria.

Let me know if you like this format, if you would like to see more videos like this and if so, what you would like to see from behind the scenes of Namaste Yoga and from my life.

Namaste, Melissa



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