Namaste Yoga Celebrates its First Birthday

by Melissa West on September 20, 2010

This past Friday September 17, Namaste Yoga celebrated it’s first birthday. On Friday, Melissa West together with Nienke Young from recorded the 52nd episode of Namaste Yoga. Namaste Yoga was started a year ago by Dr. Melissa West as a way to offer yoga classes to more people. The free weekly yoga video podcast series features an hour long yoga practice. The series is available for free through This unique t.v. show has been enjoyed by over 100, 000 viewers over the past year. Most episodes receive around 2, 000 views. 

Over the past year Dr. Melissa West has featured several special series featuring yoga for the seasons, yoga for your ayurvedic dosha, hindu deities, and the yamas and niyamas from Patanjali’s yoga sutras. The weekly tv show has also featured special kids yoga classes with Mai Meret from, kriya yoga with Paul Gangadeen, and chakra balancing classes with Nienke Young from

You can watch the weekly yoga video podcast and stream it at or or sing up to have it automatically downloaded onto your computer through i-tunes. Just search for Namste Yoga with Dr. Melissa West.

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