Namaste Yoga Videos Starting from Number One

by Melissa West on September 24, 2014

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Where to find all the Namaste Yoga Episodes

Where-to-find-all-the-Namaste-Yoga-EpisodesToday’s question comes to us from Yvonne via email:

  1. Hello Melissa, I just found out about your amazing yoga videos. I have two questions.
  2. How do I locate the videos starting at number 1? The series I have found is in the 100’s
    Stretching and flexibility, I need that the most, any video instruction would be appreciated.


Dear Yvonne,
Since you mentioned beginner’s yoga in your subject, I wanted to bring your attention to all our beginner yoga videos and the order that we recommend you do them in: click here

As far as locating the videos starting at #1, the easiest way to do that is from the blip tv player:

Blip TV Homepage for Namaste Yoga

click on List View and if starting at number 1 go to the last page 🙂

We also have an even easier way for members to do the Namaste Yoga videos in order from number one on our membership site:

To find out more about our membership site and becoming a member click here:

As far as your question about stretching and flexibility, any of my yoga videos is going to work on stretching and flexibility. Here is a specific free Namaste Yoga video on flexibility.

Thanks so much for your question,
Namaste, Melissa






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