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The other day I was looking for a mudra for a yoga class I was doing on balancing  and I came across the Shunya mudra in episode 354. This excited me because over the years I’ve had a few questions about tinnitus and not a lot to offer my students.

The reason why I got excited is that this mudra which is indexed as good for balance also lists as its benefits, reducing ringing in the ears or tinnitus 🙂

The Shunya Mudra mudra is recommended for short term use only, once desired effect has been realized, it is best to discontinue regular practice of this mudra. It is fine to practice for acute situations such as for your tinnitus, but once the ringing in the ears has ceased, you need to cease using this mudra as well.

Here is how to do this mudra:

Fold your middle finger down to the base of your thumb.

Cover your middle finger with your thumb and extend your remaining fingers.

Resource: Mudras of India: A Comprehensive Guide to the Hand Gestures of Yoga and Indian Dance by Cain Carroll and Revital Carroll

To see this mudra in action in the context of a class, go to Episode 354. Click here

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Namaste, Melissa

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