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Outer Exploring leads to Inner Exploration

Vlog19We began the our week filming some membership classes at Albert´s head for a new series on digestion. We filmed a traditional chinese medicine yoga class for your small intestine and a restorative yoga class for digestion.

We began our afternoon of exploring in Pedder Bay. I romanticize moving to Metchosin even though I know Victoria is a better fit for us. We travelled all around Spirit Bay and East Sooke that afternoon. Shout out to to my friend Mike, who told me about Club Fed.

On Thursday morning I had the privilege of interviewing one of our members, Barbara. She is an amazing 78 year young member. 🙂 It was a great Just Like Me Interview. On Thursday we also filmed Namaste Yoga in Uplands.

Let me know what your favourite poem is and I may include it in our Poetry in Motion series. Jennifer Wellwood was the name of my teachers teacher 🙂

We finished our week with a mini road trip to Sydney. We stopped at Logan Park for a short hike. I think it would be a great location to film walking meditations. It was so nice and quiet!

I spent a week of not only outer exploration, but also inner exploration. I am being called to re-set my intention for our membership community.

Let me know about your week, do you find summer and winter are times that you reflect and reset your intentions?

Namaste, Melissa


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