Lots of pain in my knees and back

by Melissa West on March 27, 2013

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Marcella asks: I have two torn menisci from a fall and a herniated l5 s1 -have a lot of pain in knees legs and feet any suggestions on what not to do I seem to find out after I try it thanks – enjoy your class and the ease with which you teach it.

With your herniated discs you need to avoid straight legged forward folds. Your torn menisci are inhibiting the normal shock absorption and cushioning of the thigh bone that would normally happen between your upper and lower leg bones. So rather than gliding you get grinding. The most important thing you can do is strengthen the muscles around your knee with poses like chair pose and the warrior poses paying special attention to your form.

The videos that would be most helpful to you are:

For your herniated discs: Yoga for Sciatica

Yoga for posture – to help build your core strength

For your Knees – I’m creating a class right now for the knees that will be available soon, but Yoga for Feet would be a great one too.

I would also recommend having a personalized practice put together for you because you have a lot of specialized issues you are dealing with.


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